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PROGRAM: AASHE Awards Program

AASHE Awards

AASHE offers professional recognition for sustainability leadership by students and campuses through its Awards program.  Each year, AASHE presents four Campus Sustainability Leadership Awards, one Student Sustainability Leadership Award, and one Student Research on Campus Sustainability Award. All 2009 awards will be presented at GOC_VIII.

AASHE Awards Ceremony

AASHE will present its Campus Sustainability Leadership Awards and Student Awards at 7:30pm following Monday’s dinner.
Be sure to visit the AASHE Awards webpage for profiles of the campus and student winners.  

Campus Sustainability Leadership Awards - Presented by Geoff Chase

  • Community College or other two-year institution –
    Butte College (CA)
  • Four-year or graduate institution under 5,000 student FTE –
    Furman University
  • Four-year or graduate institution between 5,000 and 15,000 student FTE – University of New Hampshire
  • Four-year or graduate institution over 15,000 student FTE –
    New York University

Student Sustainability Awards – Presented by Paul Rowland

  • 2009 Student Sustainability Leadership Award Winner –
    Missy! Orr, DePauw University
  • 2009 Student Sustainability Leadership Award Special Recognition –
    Casey Roe, American University
  • 2009 Student Research on Campus Sustainability Award –
    Stanford University Graduate Team :
    EVs with PVs: Analysis of Electric Vehicle Integration at Stanford University Using Solar PV Panels
  • 2009 Student Research on Campus Sustainability Special Recognition- Chelsea Hodge, Pomona College Hanging it Out On Campus: A Guide to Providing Line-Drying Options to College Students and Promoting Other Eco-Friendly Laundry Habits

A special thanks to our AASHE Awards Judges for 2009:

Kim Babcock Finger Lakes Community College
Bonny Bentzin Arizona State University
Marian M. Brown                       Ithaca Collage
Sarah E. Brylinsky                             Dickinson College
Gary Burbidge                                   Grand Rapids Community College
Janna Cohen -Rosenthal   Brandeis University
Mary Crawford                                 Duke University
Liz Davey                                             . Tulane University
Marshall Eames                                Loyola University Chicago
Amber Garrard                                 Green Mountain College
Ryan Graunke                                   University of Florida
Linda Kogan                                        University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Dr. Robert Paul                                 Kennesaw State University
Cherie Peacock                                 University of Montana
Andrea Putman Second Nature
Tom Robinson                                   Greentree Gazette Corporation
Amy Short                                           University of Minnesota
William M Van Lopik                       College of Menominee Nation
Mary Whitney                                   Chatham University
Brittany Zwicker                               Tufts University

Award Types and Eligibility

Campus Sustainability Leadership Awards
(4 categories)
Four Campus Sustainability Leadership Awards are presented annually to institutions that have made the greatest overall commitment to sustainability as demonstrated in their governance & administration, curriculum & research, operations, campus culture, and community outreach. One award is to be given in each of the following categories:

  • Community colleges and other two-year institutions
  • Four-year and graduate institutions under 5,000 student FTE
  • Four-year and graduate institutions 5,000 – 15,000 student FTE
  • Four-year and graduate institutions over 15,000 student FTE

The winners of this year's Campus Sustainability Leadership Awards will be featured in Sustainability: The Journal of Record.  As in previous years, the winners are also likely to receive additional coverage in other media.

After the winners are announced, all Campus Sustainability Leadership Award applications will be added to AASHE's online library of campus sustainability profiles.

Eligibility: Any college or university in the US and Canada is eligible for this award - there is no requirement for membership in AASHE. Campuses that have won an AASHE Campus Sustainability Leadership Award in the past 5 years are not eligible.

Student Sustainability Leadership Award

This award honors an undergraduate student from an AASHE member institution who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in promoting campus sustainability. The Student Sustainability Leadership Award includes a $750 prize. In addition, the winner of this year's award will be featured in Sustainability: The Journal of Record.

Eligibility: Any undergraduate student enrolled at an AASHE member institution who has played a leadership role in implementing campus sustainability is eligible for this award.

Student Research on Campus Sustainability Award
This award recognizes outstanding student research that advances the field of campus sustainability. The winning paper or papers will receive priority review for possible publication in Sustainability: The Journal of Record.

Eligibility: Any undergraduate or graduate student currently enrolled at a US or Canadian institution of higher education who has written a paper on campus sustainability is eligible for this award.  Groups of students who have written papers on campus sustainability are also eligible for this award.

More Information

For more information see the AASHE Awards Program homepage at: http://www.aashe.org/programs/awards.php



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